What would you like to compose or arrange for?...a solo instrument?...piano and voice? to go with your lyrics?...a large jazz group, your own band, or a small classical ensemble? Are you writing a blues, loop based music, a love song, or just looking for new ways to express yourself?  Do you use computer based software, pencil and paper, or have you never composed before?


Learn the fundamentals that will help you write music for any sized group, and for any style, by strengthening your knowledge of music...and all of its building blocks and forms.  Also learn how to write for and combine instruments, or even how to overcome writer's block.


Composing music asks you to know about music, and ultimately...more about yourself. 


There are several related articles about Composing and Arranging on my Blog (click the red link to take you there).

Bob Gillis is a teacher giving Trumpet lessons, Jazz Piano lessons, Jazz Improvisation lessons, Composing-Arranging lessons in Denver, Littleton, Lakewood, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Creek, Bow Mar, Sheridan, and Castle Rock Colorado.