Free Sheet Music.

With the exception of the Trumpet Fingering Chart, these are my reharmonizations of standard tunes.  Just click on any of the PDF icons to open the file and then, if you would like, print it out.  You can also click on the link contained in the accompanying text, to go to the blog post with more information about the music.

  Trumpet Fingering Chart

This has been one of the most popular downloads on the blog, and for good organizes the notes by overtone series, and shows all of the alternate finerings too.

Just Friends 

The blog post discusses concepts like the Hip Factor and strong bass lines

Oleo Nouveau

The great Sonny Rollins Classic, but in 3/4 time, and with a new chord progression

 Nature Boy 

Play as a ballad, to allow time to savor all of the chords

Swing Low, Sweet Chariot

Arranged for solo trumpet (easily adaptable toother instruments) and jazz piano.  Great for teaching a student to hear a simple melody in a more sophisticated harmonic context, 

The Girl from Ipanema

Another story of where the guy does not get the shouldn't it be in a minor key?

 Con Alma

Another side of Dizzy Gillespie's music many people are not aware of.  The original had strong descending bass lines, my version has a longer ascending one.

I Remember You

Besides being reharmonized, this is also an arrangement, with it's own introduction-interlude, and ending.  You can use the arrangement's quartal chromaticism for a jumping off point for more of your own, and expand some of the phrase lengths in certain places.

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