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This blog is designed to give students, parents, teachers, colleagues and anyone else interested a glimpse of some of the topics that are covered in a help everyone get a better idea of how I operate and how students are impacted by my approaches to the subjects at hand.  I will also reveal how I practice and compose.  Finally, blogging is a great way for me to clarify my own thoughts on all of these subjects...not a bad thing for anyone trying to not only teach, but to also continue to follow their own path of learning and growing.  


An exchange of information happens all of the time between students and teachers, and with fellow musicians, so why not also share what comes naturally, using one the new tools of our age?


I am finding that this blog can help a student either review a topic or prepare for an upcoming lesson.  Also, if they are encountering a challenging situation, by reading the appropriate post(s) they can often discover how others were faced with and overcame similar challenges, with a breakthrough in ability, awareness or problem solving skills. Readers will find links and videos here as well.  While the Internet is a wealth of information (often to the point of overload) it is also a source of misinformation.  Hopefully this blog will be a source of useful ideas, and an inspiration to those pursuing personal growth. 


After clicking on the Blog’s link (seen at the top of the this page) you can either begin reading immediately, or just look for and click on the Category at the bottom of the Blog to find the subject category that you are most interested in.  All of the posts are no longer visible with an initial scrolling, so be sure to check the “older posts” link at the bottom of the opening page for earlier posts.


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Bob Gillis is a teacher giving Trumpet lessons, Jazz Piano lessons, Jazz Improvisation lessons, Composing-Arranging lessons in Denver, Littleton, Lakewood, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Creek, Bow Mar, Sheridan, and Castle Rock Colorado.

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