Trumpet Lessons.

The trumpet is deceivingly simple looking, yet it is one of the most challenging instruments to play.  There is probably more needless physical abuse involved in the basic production of a trumpet sound than for any other instrument.  Because by itself the trumpet is an incomplete instrument, the necessary missing parts must be supplied by the player in the form of an embouchure (lip and jaw position) and a supportive air column. Unless the proper physical components are assembled and maintained in the correct balance, the body is forced to find other solutions in more of a "knee jerk" fashion, and although these solutions may initially work to some degree, they usually end up becoming the bad habits that eventually lead to limitation and frustration. In order to build the great sound, technique, range and endurance required for successful playing, you must first learn "How to play," then "What to play." 


Your progress will be determined by your acquired knowledge and awareness, and the time you invest.  In this way you can learn to become a problem solver (an essential skill, since most of your time with the instrument will be spent in solitary), and achieve noticeable improvements even before you achieve any degree of mastery.  My published articles on trumpet physics and practice are respected worldwide, and are available to all on my Blog (click the colored link to go there).  


These fundamentals will help you with any style of music you wish to pursue.  Players with braces will actually improve using the guidelines. 

For those students interested, we will also study Jazz Improvisation.   Instruction is offered at all levels.  

Bob Gillis is a teacher giving Trumpet lessons, Jazz Piano lessons, Jazz Improvisation lessons, Composing-Arranging lessons in Denver, Littleton, Lakewood, Centennial, Greenwood Village, Englewood, Highlands Ranch, Cherry Creek, Bow Mar, Sheridan, and Castle Rock Colorado.

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